To Verify Details for Installing or checking the latest Update for the Product, call this API with the required parameters mentioned below.

URL: api/v2/serial


Name Data Type Required / Optional Description
domain String Optional Enter your domain name
order_number Integer Required Enter order number of the product
serial_key String Required Enter the serial key of the product
request_type String Required Is it “install” request or “check update” request
version String Required Enter the latest version(Required for ‘check_update’ type. Optional for ‘install’ type)
name String Required Enter the Product Name(Required for ‘check_update’ type. Optional for ‘install’ type)


Response Format: JSON

Returns JSON which contains below response

Success Response:

    "status": "success",
    “message” : “this-is-an-valid-request”

Possible Errors/Failures:

   "status": "fails",
    “message” : “this-is-an-invalid-request”

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