The HTTP API provides a simple way to integrate the functionality of our Faveo Agora Invoicing with your Application. You can leverage existing HTTP libraries available in almost all programming languages and try out or test the API easily using your favorite browser.

This document is explaining how to call a Faveo API and what will be the response format.

Base Url:

Getting Started

It is a good practice to URL encode all values when sending them via the HTTP API. This is especially required when Customer details, Contact details, Passwords, etc. contain special characters.

Additional Information

HTML URL Encoding Reference

Response Formats

Available Response Formats

The HTTP API currently supports the following response formats:

  • XML
  •  JSON

Requesting a specific Response Format

You can specify the required Response Format as an extension to the URL path as illustrated below:

Example (JSON): /api/v1/json

Example (XML): /api/v1/xml


  • JSON response is returned by default, if no response format is specified.
  • XML response API is still under construction. ONLY JSON AVAILABLE FOR NOW

If you are using phpmillion Auto PHP Licenser with Agora then use their API’s instead of Agora API’s

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