These instructions will work only after server has been configured. If you have not yet configured the server please read the instructions here Server requirement.

Agora Installation through GUI install wizard:

Agora comes with web-based installer to help guide you through the installation process. While the installer provides step by step guide during the installation process, it’s important and helpful to have general knowledge about Web servers, PHP and MySQL.

Getting Started

Download the latest version of Agora . Uncompress the files and upload files and directories in upload folder to a directory of your choice on your server. For example /Agora /, /helpdesk/ or /support/ depending on your preference. Basic knowledge of using FTP is a plus at this stage. If you don’t know how to use FTP, we would recommend you read the documentation supplied with your FTP client and learn the basics of uploading and setting permissions on files.

Once all of the above steps are complete, you can complete the installation and basic setup in a web browser. You can invoke the installer by simply browsing the Faveo URL e.g Agora installation script will attempt to auto-detect paths and any permission issues. Please follow the instructions to finish up the installation process. If the script spots any configuration errors then it will not allow you to continue until the errors are corrected.If everything checks out, you will be presented with a form to fill in the required information. If any errors occurs, go back and check the data entered. On valid data the script will create and populate the database plus write a configuration file.

Agora Web Installation process has following steps:

Agora Installer shows up when the Agora’s Base url is hit.In the next step it would check for the Sytem Requirements



Environment Test: Installer will perform the system requirement test and if it spots any errors then it will not allow you to continue until all the requirements are met.




Database Setup: Configure the Environment Settings and Establish the database connection by providing the database details.



Congratulations! Agora is installed and operational! Go to browser and open Agora URL to login.



Note that the installer performs basic configuration, required to get Agora up and running. Further configuration is required post-install, make the system fully functional.

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