It is recommended that you install Agora onto one of your subdomains. Suppose your domain name is `` , then you may want to install Agora on a subdomain like ``

The steps are as follows

  • Go to cPanel’s  Subdomains menu
  • Add a subdomain named support
  • By default, cPanel will then create a webroot folder (document root) for your subdomain at `/`
  • Upload Agora source files to the subdomain webroot folder. The file structure should look like this:

  • After you have uploaded the source files, it is important to change the subdomain’s document root to the `public ` folder of Faveo

  • Now you can access Agora at: ``. Follow the web installation wizard and you will get agora installed on your own host.

Note: if you are on other web hosting manager like Plesk, DirectAdmin, Kloxo… the same rules apply. The key is to set Agora `public` folder as the document root of your domain or subdomain.

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