This section can be accessed by going to Admin-Panel > Setting > API >Api Keys. This section allows the admin to enter all the API Keys used in the system for availing the services of third-party applications.

All the Settings can be turned ON/OFF here.If turned off, those functionalities won’t be availed. If turned on following fields need to be filled:

Razorpay Key/Secret

The Razorpay Key and Secret which is provided from Razorpay needs to be entered here for availing services of Razorpay Payment Gateways. The test keys if entered will make virtual payments and not the actual ones which can be used for testing purposes.

ApiLayer Access Key

API Layer Access Key can be entered here for real-time exchange rates from USD TO INR. The API key can be generated from By entering this key, whenever a user with USD tries to make payment, it gets converted to INR when it is transferred to account.

Zoho Key

Zoho Key can be entered here for integrating with Zoho CRM. When a user registers and verifies his account his details are automatically sent to Zoho CRM so that the lead generated can be tracked in the future by the sales team. The Auth token for Zoho can be generated here

Msg91 Auth Key

Msg91 Key provide by msg91 can be entered here for verifying the user registered through OTP. Whenever a user registers, he is sent an OTP from Msg91. Without verifying OTP, the user cannot log into the system.

Twitter Auth Keys

These can be entered for fetching the tweets from companies twitter account in the footer section.

Auto PHP Licenser

Agora Invoicing is Integrated with Auto PHP Licenser. Here,t he API Secret and the API URL can be entered which is provided from the Auto PHP Licenser Dashboard. Once the API Key and API Url is entered and the License Manager Status is on, whenever the user or Product is created or updated it Automatically gets added to Auto PHP Licenser Admin Section.

  •  After the User purchases a Product(completes the Payment), a license is generated for the User on the domain entered in the Cart Section.
  •  The Licensing Script Installation(and the Application Installation) will only be allowed on the domain registered above. (with and without www)
  • The domain should always be entered as or (it should never include / symbol at the end). If the licensed domain is entered as, the product will work on and If the licensed domain is entered as, the product will only work on
  •  Users won’t be allowed to enter their domain name as localhost or their local IP. We, from our Admin Panel, can add their local Machine IP/External IP and allow the Installation on their local Server.
  •  If a User or the Admin changes the domain name (Reissues the License) of a user, his license on that domain will be cancelled and all the Installation on that domain will be aborted..
  • The User can transfer all his files and Database to the newly licensed domain and the Licensing Script would automatically get installed on that domain once the user Logs Into the dashboard.
  •  A User can run the Application on multiple Servers, only if the access is given from Admin Section.
    In the Agora Invoicing Admin Panel > Product section, if the option for Perpetual License is turned off, then no expiry date for the Licensed Product will be generated and the license will be valid perpetually. However, the domain restriction will persist.
  • License Verification Period by default will be set as 2 days, ie, on every 2 days License Verification will be performed and if the expiry date matches, the Installation is aborted till the time the license is renewed. Ex- If the check is performed 22/11/2018 and the license expires on 23/11/2018, the Installation gets aborted on 24/11/2018, since the verification check is 2 days.
  •  Cancellation of Licensing on a particular domain or all the domains of a User can be controlled from the Licensing Admin Section.

Show Terms on Registratin Page: 

If this is turned on,’I agree to the terms’ is shown n the registration page. Also the link to the terms can be entered here.

Google reCAPTCHA:

Google Recaptcha secret key and Sitekey can be entered here which will get displayed on the log and registration form.

Auto Update: 

Agora is also Integrated with PHP Auto Update Script

This helps to Auto Update your system to the latest version.

Email Verification:

This determines whether email verification should be there on the registration form or not.

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