This module in the My Account section of the Application helps to view, download and renew the order. This section can be accessed by going to **Home > My Account > My-Orders.**


After the user purchases a product, and the payment is made he can view his orders in this section.By clicking on view button a page pens up which gives an overview of the product purchased by the user. The user can view the Date of purchase, his Order No., Serial Key, the expiry date of his purchase and other details.

A user can also view his invoice details along with his Payment Receipts which gives him a detailed description of the amount that he has paid.


When the user clicks on the download button a popup comes up which shows all the versions released of the product that has been purchased.
The user can download any version he wishes to and starts using the product. But if the subscription has expired for the product, he won’t be able to download the releases after the product has expired. However, he will be given access to download the releases before the expiry date. This can again be controlled from the admin panel.


The user can renew their subscription once the subscription has expired for downloading the latest releases. When this button is selected popup comes up which shows all the plans of that product along with their renewal price. The user can select the plan and proceed for payment where he will be redirected to the Payment Gateway.

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