Once the User clicks Order Now button on the pricing page, he gets redirected to this page. Here the User gets all the pricing information for the product that he has selected. The user if wants can change the quantity of the product he wishes to purchase.

If the User has a coupon code for a product for discounts, he can enter and click the update button for getting the revised pricing after the discount. The discount code(the code, the expiry, the product etc.) is controlled from the admin panel.

The pricing shown in the cart totals is either inclusive or exclusive of taxes. This also can be controlled from the admin panel. The user,if wants can clear the cart from the button below the cart totals, or can click on proceed to checkout to got to the checkout page. When this button is clicked a popup for entering domain name pops up. This is the domain on which user wants to install Faveo. The user, if wants, can add multiiple products to the cart at once if he wants to purchase multiple products at a time.

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