This module displays the list of all the users that are registered in the billing Application. The Users can be searched on the basis of their Name, Username, Company Name, Mobile, Email, Country, and Industries.

In the data table below is the list of all the registered users, their email and the date on which they were registered. Also, there is a column called Status which tells whether the user has done his email and OTP Verification. If yes, then the color changes to green or else it is red.

On the right -the top of the data table is a button to create users.

Create Users

When this button is clicked a page opens where all the details need to be filled. Few fields on this page are described below:

  • Role: This determines what role is assigned to the registered users(User or Admin). If the admin is selected and saved, the user will now have access to the admin panel.
  • Position: The User can be assigned as Manager which allows him access to receive all the mails related to billing.
  • All the fields can similarly be filled and saved to create a new user and retain the information.

Edit Users

Here all the information of the created user can be edited and saved.

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