This release aims at making Agora more stable. The highlights of the release are:


  • Tax class rewritten
  • Implementation of queues
  • Implementation of laravel supported mail drivers
  • Option to soft delete users
  • Orders filters refinement
  • Razorpay payment gateway as plugin
  • Horizon to monitor queues

Bug Fixes

  • Installer issues.
  • Invoice Page Issues
  • Payment gateway issues
  • System/ Account Manager replacement bug fixed
  • Email log loading issue
  • Invoice creation from Admin panel issue
  • Order filter bugs
  • Partial payment not visible on dashboard
  • Data getting rendered in the dashboard refinements
  • Login page session expiry issue
  • User Profile page issues
  • Change update, license expiry date issue
  • Various UI fixes in the system
  • Generate pdf issue
  • Bug while addition of multiple product in cart
  • Coupon code issues
  • Tax calculation issues
  • Token expiry issue on form submits after session expires
  • Installation showing active when user downloads a product(even if the product was not installed)
  • Versions, expiry and installation status on View users in Admin Panel.
  • Demo images and company name when the product is installed for the first time.
  • Option to add GSTIN and CIN from settings

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