This section in the Setting allows users to set their Mail Chimp Account details which are used for sending bulk emails to various customers who register on Billing. The users are notified through emails during the purchase completion when they register or subscribe to our newsletter. This section can be modified by going into Admin Panel > Settings >Mailchimp. The MailChimp Settings can be turned On/Off from Admin Panel > Settings >Api Keys. If turned on and the Mailchimp Key is enetered, Various field which can be modified in this section are:

  •  API Key: The API Key provided by the MailChimp is entered here
  • List id: This dropdown describes to which list on MailChimp the details are to be sent.
  • Subscribed Status: This determines the status of subscription to the MailChimp.This can be set to subscribes for receiving the mails on Mailchimp.
  • Mapping for all the fields can be done here with Mailchimp fields.

The details have to be saved to retain them

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