After Agora has been installed & configured, a Job scheduler needs to be configured to run Agora Cron URL.

PS: If Job scheduler is not configured Agora will not work as expected.

Any job scheduler can be used, we are using Cron job in this article as it’s one of the popular ones.

To know your Cron Job URL go to follwing path in Faveo

Path: Admin Panel >> Setting >> Cron

You need to put your server PHP path in front of the cron url. The path shown in the link above is for reference purpose and will vary according to your server PHP install location

There are two cron url’s
Use either one

CLI Cron – This is a single cron URL for all services. This is preferred URL and use this link in cron job.

Curl Cron – This has multiple cron URL’s for different services. This is not preferred, for some reason if CLI doesn’t work on your server then use this

Screenshot of cron page from cPanel


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