This module shows the list of the pages that are displayed in the front end. New pages can be created here to display them in the front end. Various list of details needs to be entered in the fields in the create section of the pages.

After the details are saved, they can be viewed in the front end.

Also, the entered details can be edited by going into the edit section of the page.

Create Page

This section has various fields which are explained below

  • Name: The name of the page which will appear on the Navigation bar of the Client Panel
  • Publish: Whether the page needs to be shown in the Client Panel or Not.
  • Slug: This automatically get filled when Page name is entered.The slug is displayed on the url while viewing the page
  • Url: The Url of the Page
  • Parent Page: Whether the Page is to be displayed under dropdown of Some parent page.
  • Page Type: If Contact us page type is selected, The inbuilt contact us page shows,no matter what the content is entered in the content field
  • Content: The HTML content of the page can be entered  here.

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