Agora Invoicing is an open-source project and anyone may contribute to Agora for its improvement. We welcome contributors, regardless of skill level, gender, race, religion, or nationality. Having a diverse, vibrant community is one of the core values of the framework!

The Faveo source code is managed on Github

To Contribute to Agora Invoicing open source version, do read and follow below guidelines


Programming standards:

Code of conduct: This link will open only once you have access to our repo

PHP IDE & Debugging for Laravel:

Core Development Discussion

Discussion regarding bugs, new features, and implementation of existing features takes place in the Skype group.

Skype Group:

Slack Channel:

New Features

Before sending pull requests for new features, please contact us via the Skype Group. If the feature is found to be a good fit for the application, you are free to make a pull request. If the feature is rejected, don’t give up! You are still free to turn your feature into a package which can be released to the world via Packagist.

When adding new features, don’t forget to add unit tests! Unit tests help ensure the stability and reliability of the framework as new features are added.


Via Unit Test

Pull requests for bugs may be sent without prior discussion with the Faveo development team. When submitting a bug fix, try to include a unit test that ensures the bug never appears again!

If you believe you have found a bug in Faveo, but are unsure how to fix it, please send a pull request containing a failing unit test. A failing unit test provides the development team “proof” that the bug exists, and, after the development team addresses the bug, serves as a reliable indicator that the bug remains fixed.

If are unsure how to write a failing unit test for a bug, review the other unit tests included with the application. If you’re still lost, you may ask for help in the Skype group.

Which Branch?

Development Branch: This link will open only once you have access to our repo

All bug fixes & new features should be sent to the Development branch.

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