This module in the setting section of the Billing Application helps to configure the details of the Company using the Application.This section can be accessed by going to Admin Panel > Settings > Setting > System Setting. It has following fields listed that can be filled:

Company Name: Name of the Company using the Application

Company Email: The email of the company

Website: The Company Website

Phone: Company Contact No.

Address:  Address of the Company

State: The origin State of the company. This determines the calculation of GST in the Tax Section

City: The city where the company is located

Country:  The country in which the company is located.

System Default Currency: The default currency of the system. If no currency is activated this currency will be displayed in the client Panel. By default, USD is the default currency. However, it can be changed here.

Admin Panel Logo: The logo that is to be displayed on the Admin Panel.

Favicon: The Favicon to be displayed on the Admin and Client Panel.

Meta title: Meta title for Client and Admin Panel can be entered here.

Client Panel Logo: The logo that is to be displayed on the client Panel

Click on Save to retain the Company details

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