Here, Groups can be created which can be linked to the Product during the time of Product Creation. This determines under what group should a Product gets displayed under.

To view all the groups you need to Go to Admin Panel > Products > Groups. Here, the list of all the groups that are created is listed.

Create Groups

The groups can be created by going to Admin Panel > Products > Groups> Create. When Create button is selected a page opens up for entering the group detail. This contains various option:

  • Name: Enter the name of the group here.
  • Headline: What should be the headline on the Pricing Page for that group when a group is opened is entered here
  • Tagline: Below the headline, enter a tagline if you want to display one.
  • Hidden: This checkbox determines whether the group is allowed to be displayed on the client Panel or not. If checked, the group won’t get displayed on the Client Panel.
  • Pricing Form Template: This gives the option to select the style of Pricing Page that would be displayed on the client Panel. This template is seeded by default.

Click on Save to retain the Coupon details.

Edit Groups

To edit a coupon Go To Admin Panel > Products > Groups > Edit. When edit button is clicked an edit page opens which has the all the details of the group that is to be edited. Here, if required, the details of the grpup can be edited and saved

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