This module will allow admin to view all the Products Details and edit them. Also, the create button present at the top will redirect the admin to the Add Products Page which is described in the Add Product Section. If the Product has permission to be downloaded, a Download Button will appear to download it either from the Github or the Filesystem.

To edit a product Go to Admin Panel> Products >All Products >Edit

Various option in this page are briefly described below:

Name: This option displays the Name of the Product that is to be edited.

Type: This displays the Type of the Product that is to be edited

Group: This option displays the group to which the product to be edited belongs.

Description This option displays the description of the product which is to be edited

Image  This option allows the admin to select an image for the Product.

File retrieval  This contains two Radio Buttons

  • Github
    When this radio button is selected that means the files can be retrieved from Github Repository where the selected product is located.In order to do that the admin needs to enter The Github owner and the Repository Name of that owner. The latest version of that Product is automatically updated from the repository when the user saves the details.
    Remember that the Admin has to enter his Github details by going into **Settings > Github** for this to automatically update the version No. and also to download the product from that repository.
  • Filesystem
    When this radio button is selected that means the files can be retrieved from the filesystem. A data table is displayed at the bottom of the page where an option for **Add Files** is there at the right-top. When that button is selected, a modal popup which asks for various details for the file that is to be added.
    In this popup various fields like Product Name, Title, Description, Version, Files is present which need to be entered. The file uploaded here gets saved to the path that is set into Settings > File Storage which can later be retrieved when the product is downloaded.

Require Domain: If this checkbox is checked while creating the product it will appear as checked and the domain will be required else the vice versa.

Shopping Cart Link: This option displays the shopping cart link entered while creating the product

Show on Cart Page: This option displays whether Agents or Product quantity is to be displayed on the cart page

Taxes: This option displays all the tax types that were entered while creating the product.More taxes can be added or deleted here from the dropdown list.

Plans: All the plans for the products are displayed here

Click the Save button to retain all the details

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