This module in the setting section of the Billing Application helps to configure the cron execution period .of the systemThis section can be accessed by going to Admin Panel > Settings > Setting > Cron. It has the following fields listed that can be filled:


  • Expiry Mails: By selecting this checkbox you enable the system to send order expiry emails from the system.After the checkbox is selected a dropdown shows up which allows selecting options when the emails are to be sent.
  • Delete Activity Log: If this checkbox is selected, you allow the system to enable cleanup of the Activity Log of the System. Here too, time can be set when this cron needs to be executed.

Set Cron Execution Period

  • Expiry Mail to be sent before…: Here the days could be selected before which expiry emails are to be sent.
  • Delete Activity Logs Older than.  Here the days can be set before which all logs should be deleted.


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