Agora Billing provides a feature for Coupon generation in the case to avail discounts for its users. This module allows admin to view all the coupons, a create a new coupon and edit them.

To view all the coupons you need to Go to Admin Panel > Products > Coupons. Here, the list of all the coupons that are created is listed.

It has following details:

  • Code: The coupon code that is generated while creating the coupon.
  • Type: This describes the type of coupon. It is based on a percentage or it has a certain fixed value.
  •  Product: This determines to which product a particular coupon belongs. Here multiple products can be selected and displayed.

Create Coupons

The coupons can be created by going to Admin Panel > Products > Coupons > Create. When Create button is selected a page opens up for entering the coupon detail. This contains various option:

  • Code: Here the coupon code can be automatically generated by selecting the Generate code button in the side of the text field. The code can later be used for availing the discounts.
  •  Type: A dropdown appears when this field is selected. It allows selecting what type of coupon the admin wants to generate. Is it based on a percentage or has a fixed value.
  •  Value: The value to be entered here is the value that is charged on the basis of the type selected.
  • Uses: This field determines the number of times a particular coupon can be used.
  •  Applied For: This field allows a multi-select option for the selection of the products to which the coupon is applied.
  •  Start: This determines the Start Date of the Coupon.
  •  Expires: This determines the date after which the coupon will get expired.

Click on Save to retain the Coupon details

Edit Coupons

To edit a coupon Go To Admin Panel > Products > Coupons > Edit. When edit button is clicked an edit page opens which has the all the details of the coupon that is to be edited. Here, if required, the details of the coupon can be edited and saved

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